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    1. Cream, Ointment, Paste Making and Emulsifying MachineOur company vacuum cream, ointment, paste making machine is widely used for manufacturing paste-like products,cream, ointment, in toothpaste, cosmetics, foods and chemistry industries etc. .
    1. Soap Production Line 1. Made of stainless steel, vacuum mixing ensures asepsis
      2.Excellent homogenizing and emulsifying efficiency for high adhesive(over 50000 C.P.S.)
      3. Vacuum material sucking device with high frequency, simple and convenient operation .
    1. Filling and Sealing Machine Our company can manufacture all kinds of stainless steel products, such as kitchenware, basin, cook table, tray pushcart and plate used in hotel, eatery, hospital, and on train and passenger liner.
    1. Liquid Filling Machine Powder blender can mix and blend various powdery materials into a ideal specifications.This products are used to blend many kinds of small grains, powdery materials in food, chemical s, pharmaceutical industries. .